4 Reasons Every Organisation Should Implement a Wellness Program

If you’re in business, you’re constantly thinking about new ways to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency. Amongst all the innovation, it can become easy to overlook the simpler things. The greatest asset an organisation has is its valuable employees, and there’s a whole lot more the modern organisation can do to maximise their potential. 

Taking care of your employees through investing in their health is a sure fire way to see a number of benefits hit your organisation internally and externally. This means investing in ways to keep employees physically and mentally healthy through wellness programs. In this week’s blog, we’re going to run through 4 reasons why every organisation should implement a wellness program, and how they can get started.

But first, what is a wellness program?

It’s important we define exactly what a wellness program in the workplace is before getting started. A wellness program can be any workplace health promotion activity or organisational policy designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. For example, a wellness program could be weekly yoga classes & breakfast together, or it could be an online platform that encourages employees to reflect on their mental health. 

1. Wellness programs increase productivity

A key reason for a wellness program in an organisation is to encourage employees down the path to a healthier & holistic lifestyle. Healthier people often have a higher level of energy and increased concentration, meaning more productive and focused employees. Instead of seeing a wellness program as an added bonus for employees, see it as an investment into the quality of work your company is producing. 

2. People will want to work for your company

In today’s forward-thinking world, it’s expected that company’s recognise the importance of employee mental health. As a company, showing that you care for your workforce and proactively looking to improve the wellness of your team will enhance the reputation of the company. Taking a progressive approach to holistic health in the workplace will make your business part of the change in business over the next decade.

3. Unhealthy employees cost money

recent study conducted by Medibank Australia found that unhealthy employees take up to nine times more sick days than their healthy colleagues. This means unhealthy employees are costing businesses around the world big time. If there’s something you can do as an organisation to make people healthier, then you should see it as a priority.

4. Health and wellness is the new normal

In this post-COVID Australia, employees will be asking if the workplace is good for their health and wellbeing. Never before has implementing health and wellness strategies been more critical than now. If your company isn’t making strides to ensure a healthy workplace and placing emphasis on mental health, you are behind the standard.

It’s clear that wellness initiatives are going to be key in all future workplaces, and it’s becoming increasingly easier to implement something. Utilising new technology to engage organisation’s employees and encourage wellness tracking and education can be a great start for many. So what’s stopping you?