For Athletes

Track Your Progress

On the iNSPIRE Sport app, athletes can keep track of all aspects of wellness each day. This helps young athletes get to know and understand themselves better, and stay on top of mental and physical health. The app allows athletes to input data on various aspects that make up overall wellness; including mood, sleep, fatigue, pain, nutrition and training. 

Train Your Mind

The programs available on iNSPIRE provide athletes with insight on the topics that are key in their development. These programs are presented by favourite athletes and role models in the sporting industry, keeping athletes engaged. The content is developed by psychologists, nutritionists and sports scientists, so it’s all evidence based education. The content is on topics that are rarely talked about, but the ones most important to holistic health.

Discover Your Greatness

Athletes can track and reflect on their mental health and wellbeing in the app, as well as access evidence based content to educate themselves on areas they would like to improve. Taking small steps to understand overall wellbeing is what makes a big impact in the future. Discover your greatness!