Getting the Most Out of Your Company Meetings

Getting the most out of your company meetings

Meetings are an essential for productivity reasons and overall wellness. Getting the most out of your start up company specifically, can go a long way for ensuring your team is receiving feedback regularly and targets are being achieved. Start up life is a challenge in itself, so by avoiding any interruptions will ensure time is being optimised.


Pre-Meeting Requirements

The agenda for the meeting should be set at least 48 hours before the meeting. Bullet points should outline the topics which need to be covered and sent to the appropriate people. If the aim is to plan content or brainstorm ideas, the right people should be well informed via an email. This approach allows for each member to do background research and come forward with a prepared idea. Flexibility with schedules will also help when it comes to preparing internal meetings. Any technical issues should also be a factor so that there is no inconvenience if external members need to dial in.


Set a Time Limit

To get the most out of your company meetings, there should be a set time limit. Executives spend an average of nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, while employees on average spend up to 6 hours a week in meetings. As a result it has left many individuals feeling negatively about meetings as they are ‘unproductive and inefficient’. By setting a time limit, the outlined agenda should be achieved without dragging out any information that might be misunderstood.


Benefits of Meetings

A cohesive environment where each individual feels their contribution is valued, leads to increased engagement and accountability. A good tip for increasing accountability is to follow up each meeting with an email that outlines the main points. By reinforcing the ideas in an email, no points get missed and targets can be achieved. Progress is a reflection of consistent feedback, this is best done through personal encounters. Under the current circumstances, being able to adapt to Zoom meetings or other online hangouts is essential.



Meetings should be kept short and sweet. This is to avoid getting off track and ensuring everyone understands the point of the meeting. Prepare before each meeting by sending out the agenda at least 48 hours prior. Follow up with each individual in an email to ensure accountability. These tips can be cross referenced to all organisations. Start-ups in particular have smaller teams and less resources to utilise. Working smarter and not harder will reduce any time wasted and get the most out of your company meetings each week.