At iNSPIRETEK, we are taking our existing product line up to the next level with our latest release, bringing massive features and optimisations to our mobile app and desktop platform.

Now, clubs and organisations can drive positive change in athletes like never before. Our skilled product and engineering teams have been working around the clock for the past 6 months to integrate a huge amount of cutting edge features.

These new features have been largely driven by our talented executive team. A number of key hires including CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Kieren Dowding and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Brad Walker, and overseen by Founder/CEO Annie Flamsteed, have enabled the entire iNSPIRETEK team to bring these amazing new features to market in an exceptionally fast time frame. 

See what our executive team has to say about our ‘Game Changing’ Product update below:

“I’m so proud of amazing team. The feedback I’m getting from organisations and clubs has been incredible and I can’t wait to see the difference these products will make to the lives of young athletes across the globe”

Annie Flamsteed – CEO
(Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

“It’s amazing how much the team has achieved in this time. The athlete app feels new in almost every way and the desktop platform now provides coaches and clubs with never seen before insights in youth sport ”

Brad Walker – CSO
(Chief Strategy Officer)

“It’s 18 months worth of work smashed out in 6, I couldn’t begin to put it into words”

Kieren Dowding – CTO
(Chief Technology Officer)

Product – Growth Studio​

Organisations, Clubs, Coaches And Support Staff

From a coach and club perspective, the Growth Studio has seen massive optimisations and additional features.

-The all new Wellness X is a huge leap forward in terms of the data we can showcase across an Organisation / Team or Individual level.

-Our unique red flag system is now more powerful than ever.

-Onboarding coaches and staff is now easier than ever. Its actually completely automated to you can join the Growth Studio without any assistance (however our team is always around to assist you at every step)

-Programs and Posts have been optimised to make it even easier to create and post content to your team and an individual.

Product – iNSPIRE Sport Mobile App​

Athletes, School Students

For athletes, their entire experience throughout the mobile app (iOS and Android) will feel intuitive and simple.

-Wellness tracking has been rebuilt from the ground up with a clean and intuitive UI based on extensive UX research and user feedback

-The ‘Your Club’ feature allows athletes to be part of multiple clubs and organisations at the same time, ensuring that athletes control exactly who they share their data with.

-The content dashboard has been redeveloped to ensure its easier for coaches to create posts and for athletes to consume these.

For Orgs, Clubs & Coaches​

Organise A Demo Of Growth Studio Desktop Platform​

The iNSPIRETEK Growth Studio is the ultimate tool for Organisations and Clubs to empower their coaches and staff to drive wellness management.