Data Driven, People Focused

An athlete-centred wellness management platform using highly sophisticated tech that is easy to use, combined with data analytics and engaging educational content to drive positive human behaviour change.


SaaS structured wellness management platform provides users with an extensive range of tools: infinite user analytics including exportable biometric data, Red flag alert system, team management and notifications and content publishing


Our free, all-ages mobile app supports the daily wellbeing of athletes and students through an extensive tracking and reflection system alongside high quality, curated educational content delivered intelligently based on user behaviors.

infinite - wellbeing management app


Simple Metrics

Through infinite athletes have the ability to track and reflect on wellness factors such as activity, sleep, fatigue, nutrition, pain and mood to better understand how wellness impacts performance.


Smart Management

Insight allows simplified analysis of meaningful data for coaches and facilitators to compare insights, and identify trends to support your entire community. Distribute content to inform and educate your community on what’s happening. Inform parents of updates, disperse information on events, and inform your athletes through programs.

Insight - Wellbeing Management Platform