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Connect with your athletes or students like never before. insight works seamlessly with our infinite app. 

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Gain detailed insights into the mental health and wellness of your athletes or students. Identify trends across small or large groups.


Drive positive change in the lives of your athletes and students while creating a more healthy and connected community. 


Desktop & Mobile Wellness Management Platform

Our free, all-ages mobile app supports the daily wellbeing of athletes and students through an extensive tracking and reflection system alongside high quality, curated educational content delivered intelligently based on user behaviors.


Simple Management

Connect with your athletes or students like never before. insight works seamlessly with our infinite app. Distribute content to inform and educate your community on what’s happening. Inform parents of updates, disperse information on events, and inform your athletes through programs.


Secure Analysis

Gain detailed insights into the wellness of your athletes or students while identifying trends across small or large groups. insight allows simplified analysis to help make decisions as soon as the data arrives. As a result it closes the gap between a struggling athletes and the support they need.


Smart Support

Drive positive change in the lives of your athletes and students with a content and program feed. The tailored content allows coaches to share programs and messages straight to their athletes’ fingertips. Coaches can share anything from training & game time updates to season calendars and surveys allowing them to create a more healthy and connected community. 


As athletes track their wellness, administrators can assess data, identify trends and provide support and resources in the areas where athletes need it the most. By implementing a wellness solution that focuses on education and support, organisations can have peace of mind when it comes to caring for the whole athlete.


Implementing a scalable tech solution suitable for every person in your organisation enables you to make data driven decisions regarding; performance, retention, wellbeing, coach education, policy, child safety and the future of sport. You will be empowered to manage, support and develop your entire community safer and easier than ever before.


Together our app and wellness management platform provide users with an extensive range of tools: infinite user analytics including exportable biometric data, Red flag alert system, team management and notifications and content publishing perfect for coaches managing teams