The Importance of Self Reflection on Wellbeing

What Does Self Reflection Mean? 

From a neutral standpoint, self reflection can be defined as, looking back at one’s behaviours and mannerisms and analysing the processes which took place. In order to improve and exhibit personal growth, you must first learn the skill of self reflection. It is considered a skill to be aware of your own actions and consequences, with the ability to accept the places that require more focus. Below is the discussion of the importance of self reflection and the affect it can have on personal wellbeing.

What Does it Look like in the Workplace?

Self improvement is a necessity, but shouldn’t be restricted to aspects of your personal life such as sports or recreational activities. It is more important in this increasingly digital world to prioritise personal development and nurture emotional intelligence, when the world around us is advancing artificial intelligence. This means creating a cohesive work environment through team activities such as team meetings, to look back on the past week. Working on the areas which require attention while also noting areas that were executed well. This in return allows for employees, of any stature, to proceed with inventive ideas that can lead to success. To create a progressive work space, a wellness culture needs to be instilled not enforced with regulations. The benefits to such wellness programs can be found in a previous blog ‘Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Corporate Wellness Programs’.


Misunderstanding the Process

Common misconceptions of a self reflective journey, evolve around the idea that it takes away too much devoted time from running a business or getting your job done. There is a lack of introspection, as we tend to always look ahead to  what needs to be done before the next deadline hits. There will always be another deadline or another target goal to achieve, but without analysing the progress that has been made, how can growth be achieved? 

The Relevance of Technology

We have the privilege of accessing information instantaneously, 24/7 news constantly keeping us up to date. Users receive a serotonin rush when updating news feeds across social media outlets. This is feeding the social media addiction. It has made people impatient, fuelling the need for wanting more. Humans are fundamentally social beings and an essential role is achieving self growth.

The positives of taking a minute and learning from previous decisions, far outweigh the negatives. In a face paced world we need to focus on slowing down, appreciating the downtime moments with friends and family.  Take note of milestones, reflect and acknowledge. Tracking this progress can be done through iNSPIRE Sport.