Ways to Increase Employee Engagement with Corporate Wellness Programs

What is a ‘Wellness Program’?

To understand how to increase employee engagement, we need to firstly understand the intention behind a ‘Wellness Program’. Such programs work to create a cohesive work environment in which employees feel engaged and balanced within their professional and personal lives.

Nowadays we are seeing a huge shift away from the ‘grind until you make it’ and ‘don’t stop til you drop’ mindset. Generations such as ‘boomers’ have become particularly attuned to this mindset. The need to transition into the behaviorism that mental health is the priority, has never been more relevant. There needs to be a realisation that in order to achieve the work life balance we all desire, it has to go hand in hand with mental wellness.

How Do We Implement Such a Program?

Know your workforce. Without elaborating too much, learn about the people who you share a space with on a 9-5 basis, Monday through Friday. Whether you share the same interests or not, it is key to a successful wellness program integration. Keeping the intention behind it fun and diverse whilst avoiding limitations to optimise inclusivity from the whole team. 

Negating any stigma against mental health issues is the first step. Accepting that professional and personal life situations aren’t always going to be kept apart, and we, have a responsibility to look after ourselves physically and mentally. 

Utilise Your Wearable…

We live in a world where everything we need to know is a few seconds away at the touch of our fingertips. Whether you’re holding the device in your hand or wearing it strapped to your wrist, information has never been more accessible. Using it to keep your employees in the loop allows for inclusivity when planning organised yoga classes, team building exercises, catered lunches and so many more.

Joining the trend and promoting the use of wearables, is one way to ensure your place of employment feels encouraged to look after their own health. As said in our article ‘What’s Trending in Wearable Fitness Technology in 2020’

Risk vs Reward…

“No risk, no reward” is how the saying goes. That being said, compromising valuable employees due to a lack of wellness programs will not only reflect poorly back on your company. If you are looking to increase employee engagement, it is not worth the risk. In the long-term it is guaranteed to further dissatisfy employees. The obvious risk is jeopardising employment retention, but also employee work ethic. It is more common nowadays for people to switch careers/jobs multiple times in their life. As they grow increasingly aware of other job opportunities, you will see a trend towards workplaces that endorse wellness benefits that suit their needs.

If a company is as committed to their employees as they are to their business and the workforce, generally speaking, they stand to gain optimal employee performance.

After all, aren’t employees the backbone of your company? Look after them and they will look after you.