How do we improve mental health?

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Track, Reflect, and Connect with the app that supports wellbeing through extensive tracking alongside educational content. Built for athletes and students. 


Connect, analyse, and influence through the SaaS structured wellness management platform allowing you to manage and monitor your team. Built for sporting clubs/organisations, schools and educational organisations.

insight Plus

Observe, Understand, and Educate with access to big data, powerful analytics and content publishing. Built for state / national / international sport and school organisations.


Simple, Smart, Secure

We aren’t your typical athlete tracking app or management system. Built specifically for young athletes and students, our Wellness Management Platform uses highly sophisticated tech that is easy to use, combined with data analytics and engaging educational content to drive positive human behaviour change.


Data Driven, People Focused

The all-encompassing focus on performance in sport has come at a cost, often alienating all but the most elite of athletes. This led to our focus on the mental health and wellbeing of today’s youth. Our suite of products work together to drive positive behavioural change at a critical period in an athlete’s life.

infinite - wellbeing management app


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Our free, all-ages mobile app supports the daily wellbeing of athletes and students through an extensive tracking and reflection system alongside high quality, curated educational content delivered intelligently based on user behaviors.


Meet Annie

Founded by former competitive gymnast Annie Flamsteed, iNSPiRETEK began out of a desire to change the future of sport and improve wellbeing outcomes for athlete’s around the globe.

As someone who struggled with mental health and eventually an eating disorder during my gymnastics career, our mission as a company is critical for the future of sport and ultimately the wellbeing of all young athletes.”