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In a busy world, we identified the importance of our athletes having the skills to connect, reflect and learn to make them not only better athletes, but better equipped, more resilient individuals who see challenges as a chance to grow. We wanted to bring in a wellbeing focused platform that was super simple and easy for our students to grasp quickly, and also for our coaches.

Dion King

Stuartholme School
Sports Coordinator


The general wellbeing and care of our athletes is vital in their sporting development. We are based in a low economical area, and iNSPIRETEK assists in the education of metrics like rest, fatigue, mood, diet, and nutrition so that our coaches can efficiently gauge KPIs.

Dean May

Caboolture Football Club
Technical Director


iNSPIRETEK lined up with our values around mental health and wellbeing. It is something simple we can use to help open communication lines. We have gymnasts who don’t know how to talk to their coach or parents when they have problems going on. We find that this platform is beneficial to our younger athletes before they get to the point of using an AMS system later in their careers.

Vanessa Barca

Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre
Services Manager

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For a fraction of the cost of your typical AMS, build up your young athletes and empower better mental health and wellbeing outcomes.