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What is iNSPIRETEK2023-01-04T12:08:23+00:00

iNSPIRETEK provides technology that drives positive human behaviour change. We use our versatile & innovative technology to provide wellness platforms for organisations in numerous industries. Through wellness tracking, content and connection, we drive change. Fell free to write to find out more.

How does Infinite work with Insight?2023-01-03T15:54:17+00:00

Insight – Insight is our web-based platform for clubs and organisations to use and access internal wellness data, helping enhance communication techniques and data driven decisions. You can also access a variety of content across different wellness topics and sporting verticals as well as create and upload your own.

Infinite – Infinite is our free to all users app. Our app gives you access to a variety of content as well as the ability to input data across various wellness metrics. If you are part of an organisation, you can access their content, communication as well as give insight into your own wellness data.

Is my data secure?2023-01-03T15:57:36+00:00

Absolutely, data and data security is of the utmost importance to us. You can read our data and security policy here.

How do I create an account2023-01-04T11:02:03+00:00

Insight – Click this link to access our Insight web page Insight by iNSPIRETEK . Enter your desired email and password and click Send Code. Jump into your emails and click enter the code sent to you and follow the prompts.

Infinite – Download our app, Infinite by Inspiretek. Add your details through the ‘Join Us’ tab. Welcome to our app!

Note: If you are looking to join a specific organisation – make sure you use the same email as the one they will invite you through.

What metrics can I track?2023-01-04T11:58:07+00:00

The Infinite app is able to automatically (via integrations) and manually (via user input) the following metrics:  activity, mood, sleep, fatigue, nutrition, pain, menstruation and water intake.

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