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Athlete Wellbeing

An athlete-centred wellness management platform using highly sophisticated tech that is easy to use, combined with data analytics and engaging educational content to drive positive human behaviour change.


Innovative Tech


Athletes have the ability to track and reflect on wellness factors such as activity, sleep, fatigue, nutrition, pain and mood to better understand how wellness impacts performance.


Access to exclusive evidence-based wellbeing content delivered in an engaging way to empower athletes and coaches with the knowledge and resources to thrive, all via the content feed in the app.


A safe and secure one-way communication tool linking the organisation and club to the parent and athlete, enabling seamless connection anywhere in the world on any mobile device!


Data Analytics


The Wellness Studio allows simplified analysis of meaningful data for coaches and facilitators to compare insights, and identify trends to support your entire community.


Creating and scheduling content can be done all in one place through the Content Builder. This allows coaches to communicate with athletes directly.


Facilitators can create groups, assign coaches and invite athletes easily using robust permission structures to ensure safety and security of data.


What people say?

iNSPIRE is different to the other wellness apps and different to systems like smarter base that most professional athletes use. You have information on hand and can click on the resources as you need them; with other apps you just input your data and you don't know where it’s going
Katrina Gorry
Matildas & Brisbane Roar W-League
iNSPIRE have embraced the feedback and made constant improvements to the app, always striving to improve athlete engagement. As a company they have added content that is relevant, educational, engaging and easy to digest. The work iNSPIRE is doing is making our job as coaches easier and more holistic.
Ted Britt
Co-founder Starfish Tri-athletic


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely, data and data security is of the utmost importance to us. You can read our data and security policy here.

For general enquiries, email us at admin@inspiretek.io or DM us via Instagram. For support enquiries, email us at support@inspiretek.io.

Monitoring every athlete helps to create an athlete profile that may be useful when striving for peak performance or a return to play protocols for your athletes. Not only understanding tracking athletes physical performance but also emotional and mental states to gain a holistic understanding of where they’re at.

Whilst this is not always the easiest of tasks, doing so should involve explaining the value of the resultant data to each athlete. Once an athlete understands why, they are much more likely to be an avid user. iNSPIRETEK is a tool for you to better understand your athletes.

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