What Is It?

The new reaction feature allows users on our app to engage with team posts through a selection of reaction emojis.

Who Benefits From It?

This is important for coaches to gauge interest from their athletes on posts they have seen. We received feedback from several coaches on our platform that they wanted a better way to see whether athletes had seen the team posts or not. Reactions make it easy for users (athletes) to express their feelings and opinions quickly, leading to increased interaction and content engagement.

Why We Developed It

Reactions offer a simple and intuitive way for users (athletes) to respond to posts or messages without the need for lengthy comments or replies. We have pre-selected a range of emojis such as like, laugh, celebrate, support, agree and disagree options. We have made it even easier by allowing users to simply double-tap on posts to like it.

Commonly coaches have requested ways for athletes to agree or disagree on posts, now with the easy-to-use react feature, athletes can select these options on each post. It is important to note that the data generated by reactions can offer valuable insights into user preferences and sentiment, helping the app’s administrators such as coaches or other staff to tailor content to the athlete’s interests.

How does it work?

  1. The react feature is represented by a set of emojis located below the post. Users can click or tap on one of these icons to select a reaction.
  2. When a user interacts with the react feature, a menu of emojis representing different reactions appears. The user can then choose the reaction that best reflects their sentiment toward the post.
  3. Once a user selects a reaction, the app updates the post to show the selected reaction icon and increments the reaction count for that specific reaction. For example, if multiple users “Like” a post, the “Like” count increases.
  4. Reactions and their counts are usually updated in real-time, allowing athletes and the coaches on Insight to see how others are reacting to the post as it
  5. For coaches, Insight will collect data on the distribution of reactions to provide the coaches with insights into how their posts are resonating with their audience

Key Benefits:

  1. ‘Reactions’ on our team posts in the app are a game-changer for user engagement. By embracing this feature, you can foster more meaningful interactions, drive engagement and ensure your community is receiving relevant content 🚀
  2. A time solver for time-poor coaches, now quickly view who has or hasn’t engaged yet and what they feel towards your post! Perfect for attendance check-ins, schedule updates, appointment reminders and more.

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