We entered 2024 full of big ideas and a long list of things we wanted to do with our technology and Wellbeing Management System, and we are excited to share several significant updates today.

Read on to discover the latest enhancements across both the app and our desktop dashboard, as well as some early updates to our brand

What’s New?

Unified Visual Identity: Themes

Our new visual identity unifies our products under a shared aesthetic, creating a more seamless experience for users across the entire suite. We now support light and dark themes across our mobile app (athletes/users) and our desktop platform (coaches/support staff) which is customisable through the app settings.

Mobile App:

1. Launch your app
2. Click on the hamburger menu in top right to slide the menu out
3. Click on ‘Settings’
4. Click on ‘Themes’
5. Select between System Default, Light or Dark.

Note: If you are part of an organisation that has customised the brand and colours you can also select this theme as well under ‘Organisation Themes’

Desktop Platform:

1. Login to insight.inspiretek.io
2. In the top right corner there is an avatar profile icon, click on this to open the menu dropdown
3. Select ‘Theme’
4. Choose between Light, Dark, System Default

Streamlined Product Naming: Infinite

Simplifying our product names brings clarity to our offerings, making it easier for our users to identify and understand the value each solution brings to their workflows. Both the app and desktop platform now share the name of ‘Infinite’, with the same new branding colours whilst still retaining a smooth and simple user friendly interface catered towards the athlete and coach.

We will be sharing more on what this more unified branding means in the days and weeks ahead.

Enhanced User Interface: Web App / Dashboard

We have reimagined the user interface of each product, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The simple uplift involves the introduction of our Infinite Score now displayed as a percentage. This score, which is a result of the daily check-in, consists of 6 wellbeing related questions. If each question is scored a 5 out of 5 rating, the athlete will receive a 100% score.

Any downward trends should be monitored and improved through suggesting helpful resources, starting conversations and educating users on the importance of reflection.

Enhanced Features and Functionality:

Beyond the aesthetics, our rebranding (much more to come on this in the near future) extends to the enhancement of features and functionalities. We’ve listened to your feedback and made strategic improvements to ensure our products meet and exceed your expectations.

The Home Page Revamp of Mobile App:


  • New Calendar Swipe between days
    • To access previous days data simply swipe right or click on the back arrow
  • Infinite Score Visual
    • The new visual clearly indicates a daily score out of 100. The six Hooper based wellbeing questions in the checkin remain the same
    • Click ‘View More’ will show the new ‘Insights’ screen where a detailed breakdown of the check in now appears.
  • Daily Trends
    • Any metrics outside of the six daily questions such as Activity, Sleep Duration, Pain Location, Menstruation, Fatigue, Water Intake, Nutrition or Steps are now formatted in a customisable interface. To enter data simply click on the ‘add’ button within the widget or click on the purple plus button in the bottom right corner to enter new data.
  • Just For You
    • This remains the same, a revolving widget of suggested content based on your daily Infinite Score.

The Wellbeing Insights Page:

  • Infinite Score overview graph
    • Weekly outlook on the daily scores, easily identify any trends or patterns that may be occurring over time
  • Breakdown of the score
    • Visualize and track the details of Mood, Energy, Stress, Soreness, Nutrition and Sleep

The Impact on You

Whenever you use our WMS technology, you should expect:

Consistency across products

We strive to enhance the end-user experience on both our mobile app and desktop platform continually, while ensuring both products are tailored towards the specific needs of both users. The Infinite Score can be utilised by athletes to see their personal daily score, while coaches can see these scores as well as team level scores and organisation wide scores.

With the Infinite Score, iNSPIRETEK will better help young athletes and sporting organisations to quantify wellbeing in a way that no other athlete management system (AMS) has done to date, based on years of research looking at the link between perceived wellbeing and an athlete’s workload to better predict and prevent fatigue, injury, and burnout.


The revamped user interface ensures a more intuitive interaction, reducing learning curves and allowing you to focus on your tasks.

Modernized Functionality

Experience the upgraded features and functionalities designed to improve athletes ability to input data that is meaningful. The customisation of the home page in the mobile app means athletes can track metrics they choose alongside the daily check-in. Calculate your wellbeing score while still tracking important metrics such as pain location, activity duration and RPE and more.

These new changes are not just about us; it’s about how these changes positively impact your experience. As always, reach out directly to us with comments, questions or concerns.

And, as we mentioned above, we have some exciting news and announcements coming in the days, weeks and months ahead related to our company and brand. So stay tuned.