What wearables do we integrate with/support? What is coming next?

We currently support integrations with Apple Health, Google Fit and Garmin with more coming soon! The next integrations we are looking forward to in the roadmap are Oura, Whoop and Fitbit.



Why was this feature important? Have clients been asking for it?

We aim to keep our product up-to-date with how our users are tracking their performance and wellness data. We want to provide a one stop solution for all our users, to view their quantitative data tracked through their wearable or third party integration and viewing it in their infinite app alongside their qualitative wellness data.

We think that the combination of the two is really important and part of what makes us unique. Users take the time to track and reflect, and that data becomes more powerful with the added context from wearables.

We spoke to our community of insight users and heard the feedback from our infinite users, their barriers were sometimes forgetting to track data like duration of activities or time of day, by simply allowing their activities to be tracked passively and automatically, this problem could be resolved. We did, however, want to ensure our users didn’t lose sight of perception of their data by still inputting quality of sleep or their rate of perceived exertion after the activity has been automatically logged.

How easy is it for an athlete or coach to access this feature?

An infinite user (athlete) can utilize this feature by entering their app, navigating to their side menu and clicking ‘Connect.’ This will display the list of available wearables/integrations that we support. The user just needs to select their integration, allow permissions and their connection has been set.

*Please note that you can only connect to one wearable device at a time this is to avoid the duplication of data appearing on your wellness page. We also support data shared to your apple health app or Google fit via your permissions. This means if you have allowed your Oura ring to read/write permissions for activity/sleep to apple health, and then connect infinite to your apple health app and allow the same permissions, that data from your oura ring may also appear on your infinite app.

Don’t worry we will be integrating seamlessly with Oura soon!

As an insight user, you will be able to view the source of all the data from your infinite users in your platform. This means as a coach you will be able to identify whether users are tracking activity/sleep/menstruation through infinite, Garmin, Apple Health or Google Fit.