iNSPIRETEK has been working with the Northern Rovers Football Club in Auckland, New Zealand, to bring mental health and wellbeing tools and technology to its athletes. We have recently sat down with Paul Gothard, the Head of Men’s and Junior Football at Northern Rovers and a former coach at the Wellington Phoenix, to discuss the impact that our technology has had on his coaches, athletes and club.

Gothard has joined the Rovers’ back in 2022. (Photo Source:

What does it mean to be able to bring mental health and wellbeing tools and technology to your athletes?

Gothard: “It’s very important to assist and support our younger players and the app has been great for the club to keep track of and support the players during the season.

What are some of the favourite or most used features in our platforms for your athletes or coaches?

Gothard: “Most used would be the daily tracking part but I have found it is very useful in sharing good practice ideas from diet to recovery.

Did iNSPIRETEK replace an old way of doing things at your club?

Gothard: “I had been using a different system in my last role and felt iNSPIRETEK offered more for my new club. It’s a great way for players to understand what is needed to move on to the next level in the sport.”

Are there any specific stories of something positive coming from the use of our technology?

Gothard: “The best thing we did for the players was to have an onboarding night so the app and how things work were shown on screen and players had a much better understanding of what was expected from them this season.” 

Have you noticed any changes in athlete engagement since implementation?

Gothard: “The use of the app has gone up a lot and I find working with the coaches gives a better understanding of the players so we can plan and prepare sessions better.” 

Paul Gothard coaching the Wellington Phoenix back in 2020. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

As a former goalkeeper coach for the Wellington Phoenix, Gothard is well respected in the world of football coaching. His appointment as Head of Men’s and Junior Football at Northern Rovers was an excellent addition to the club. In a recent interview, Former Phoenix Head Coach Ufuk Talay spoke highly of Gothard’s character and abilities, saying he was “a very good character to have within the staff and within the group.”

The iNSPIRETEK platform has been a valuable addition to Northern Rovers Football Club, allowing them to better support their athletes’ mental health and wellbeing. By providing a platform for tracking and sharing best practices, iNSPIRETEK has made a positive contribution to the club’s success, and more importantly, the wellbeing of its players.

If your club is interested in improving the mental health and wellbeing of your athletes, we encourage you to contact us and learn more about how our platform can benefit your club and your athletes.