At iNSPIRETEK, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for our clients through our wellness technology system. Our latest feature release allows larger organizations to effectively structure their programs to better fit their internal hierarchy, grouping teams together and providing cohorts of team data for better reporting. The improved team summary screen also collates wellness data for a group of teams, making it easier for major sporting bodies, corporate entities, and national governing organizations to pinpoint areas for improvement across larger populations of athletes.

Read on and watch our demos for more in-depth information.

Multi level team structures

With this new feature, our partners can now build and group internal teams together and view cohorts of team data to better report on more than individual teams. Managers can be assigned to whole cohorts or just single teams, athletes can be invited into the cohort team or within the team that sits within it. Teams can be moved and edited according to each organisation’s unique needs. There is a lot of flexibility with this feature.

We also added some updates to our new team summary page, which you can review in the below video.

Team Summary Page Update

We recognised the growing need to provide support to our larger partners, such as Basketball Queensland. To accomplish this, we organised teams into cohorts that mirror the structure of their organisation, making it easier to identify and manage them. For instance, we can group representative teams, state level teams, and club teams on a single platform and generate reports for each team group.

Our decision to improve the team setup process was driven by the need to provide organisations with a platform that accurately reflects their structure. We adopt a user led design approach and this is one of the many ways we ensure that our users can have a seamless experience and receive value from using our tech.

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