For Coaches

Making It Simple

As athletes track their wellness, administrators can assess any trends, and support athletes in the areas where they need it the most through insight. By implementing a wellness solution that focuses on education and support, coaches can have peace of mind when it comes to caring for the whole athlete. insight was created with care and feedback to ensure that coaches can get the most information in the easiest way possible.

Connect With Your Team

The iNSPIRETEK content & program feed allows coaches to share programs and messages straight to their athletes’ fingertips. Share anything from training & game time updates to season calendars and surveys.

“One of the biggest challenges I face as a coach is accessibility and time. What I love about iNSPIRETEK is it simplifies everything for me and for my athletes. They can log their wellness with a few simple steps and I can see all the data on all of my athletes straight away in the wellness studio. It enables me to tailor my training, share relevant content with my athletes in the app and ignites conversations we wouldn’t have otherwise had”.

Kurt Vogel
Sport Scientist & Physical Performance Coach

On The Move

Access on the go when you need it most. Analyse data safely via mobile, tablet or desktop directly from athletes tracking via the infinite app. While insight allows simplified analysis to help make decisions as soon as the data arrives, closing the gap between a struggling athletes and the support they need.